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About Us

IDG Creative is a multi-disciplined design and marketing organisation with a track record of delivering effective solutions and creative strategies which make our clients more successful at events and in business.

 Of course we offer all the usual graphic design disciplines and creative support you would expect; brand identity, brochures, adverts, presentation media and digital content. However, most importantly we provide award winning event design, management and marketing support for exhibitions, conferences and all manner of corporate events.

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Office Interiors, Receptions and Boardrooms

As you can appreciate we create a lot of grand format graphic images for the stands we build which more often than not are only used for just a few days and inevitably have to be removed after the event. But what you may not know is that we also use the same processes and print media to produce temporary or permanent graphic displays for office interior walls, receptions and boardrooms; which by the way we can also provide a fitting out design and build service for. We supply and install a variety of interior and indeed exterior wall coverings and finishes using a variety of graphic finishes which we print in full colour. Conventional wall papers, self-adhesive vinyl removable wall coverings and even a textured photographic fabric again with a removable adhesive.

All at very competitive prices so why not ask us for a free, no obligation quote today


Thumbs up for GDPR! It’s a good thing for live events and exhibitions

We can all agree that there’s been an awful lot of negativity surrounding GDPR. Certainly businesses need to get their houses in order from a personal data perspective before 25th May. In fact this seems to be the subject of every other email I’ve received over the past few months. You’ll be pleased to hear then that this article isn’t intended to scare you death and then offer to help you carry out an audit, cleanse your data and help you structure a re-engagement email campaign to ask existing contacts to opt in or double opt in to continue to receive your emails. I would hope by now you would have at least considered or preferably already put procedures in place so you comply with GDPR by 25 May.  

In my opinion more rigid, far reaching regulations are well overdue to help protect our personal and business data, anything that reduces the amount of unwanted emails and phone calls I get gets my vote. However these new data protection regulations have left many companies and marketers very concerned about how they will reach their customers and potential customers after 25 May. The truth is that data-based emailing and calling campaigns have already become largely ineffective. We need now to be “magnetic marketers” as our potential audience has taken control of the process seeking out the solutions and products they require rather than being sold to. Subsequently our websites need to be more effective in providing advice, comment and content using blogs, news, articles and video to present products, solutions and communicate to build trust and a rapport. A return then to more traditional business values and level of personal contact that perhaps during this largely digital age we’ve grown unaccustomed to... or have we?

Well while you’ve been busy driving your keyboard and glued to your monitor pursuing an email quest you may not have noticed that face to face meetings such as breakfast meetings, seminar’s, conferences and exhibitions have become much more popular again. In fact many of the industry specific exhibitions we provide client’s stands at have waiting lists or rigid application procedures where stand space is in short supply, allocated on a first come, first served basis. We see GDPR helping to reinforce and grow this trend, proving a real positive in the wake of all the negativity. Face to face marketing, exhibitions and live events have never gone away and are today a stronger new business and marketing tool than ever before. So why not pick up the phone and ask us how we can help you exploit these opportunities.


Awards Top Ten: So what makes an Award Winning stand? No.1

1992: Modern Homes Exhibition SECC Glasgow – Norwich Union Group 

Best Stand Award for Norwich Union Group

Modern Homes was the Scottish equivalent of the Ideal Home Exhibition which took place each year at Earls Court in London. By 1992 we were one of Norwich Union’s preferred suppliers of event services and provided pretty much all their exhibition requirements throughout the UK. Having already designed and built a customised modular exhibition stand for group-wide use we were briefed to deliver a stand project to promote a variety of products at the Scottish show to support brokers and generally promote Norwich Union as an insurer to the public. 

The general design of the stand was very corporate in its appearance as it attended consumer and industry events alike. Being a consumer event the stand needed more of an intimate connection to appeal to the public so we chose to feature travel insurance. We set about creating a beach scene on the front corner of the stand complete with seascape background, palm tree, beach with real sand, deck chairs, beach shoes and a jug of cocktail mix (actually GRP gel coat) for good measure.

To further effect we created a bespoke “rock” which housed a 3 sided, flip-over, rota-graphic display (the height of tech in its day!) as well as speakers connected to a remote sound system which continued to play a soundtrack of the surf lapping on the shore. Once complete the corner stand feature attracted much attention, using at least three of the 5 senses to deliver its message. The addition of several well briefed keen and motivated staff members made the show a complete success and earnt an award for Best Stand in the services category. 

To discuss a new, potentially award winning stand please speak to us at www.image-display.co.uk


BIBA Fever for another 3 years…

...Imagineering at its best!

Following the conclusion in 2016 of a 3 year contract to provide AVIVA’s stand at BIBA the pressure was really on in late 2016 and early 2017 for us to retain the project for another 3 years. Up against some of the country’s top agencies we put our best foot forward and following a creative and competitive pitch we’re pleased to say we won the contract again for another 3 years.

The new stand follows a totally new look which in common with the previous design was planned to fulfil the AVIVA BIBA slot at Manchester for 3 years. With this in mind although a totally custom built concept the stand elements have been made to disassemble and store ready to be economically rolled out again the following year. Custom made lightboxes and feature shapes incorporate the latest in TFS (tension fabric system) graphics to make replacement of annual graphics and messages not just easy but cost effective too. Stand lighting and lighting effects are all LED, state of the art technology which looks good, ticks the environmental box and saves a pretty penny too. Similarly the high level branded structure is a modern 8 metre x 4 metre, totally double sided feature facing all four elevations which is made up of a lightweight aluminium frame with TFS graphics throughout. As with many venues Manchester Central now ask that high level, flown structures are created thoughtfully with safety at the forefront. No longer do venues want to see heavy, old fashioned banner and solid structures suspended above vulnerable visitors. These TFS structures for flown use can prove costly for one off stand use so for this reason we’ve invested in the hardware adding it to our rental inventory so clients need only to buy the graphics.


Small can and should be beautiful…. TWIST and LINK2 just the job!

Shell schemes are a popular choice when exhibiting, offering an ‘easy’ option requiring minimal construction.  However, this does not mean any less care should be taken when planning the overall look and feel. 

High quality, eye-catching graphics are the best way to achieve a professional and interesting look, but standard shell schemes do not lend themselves to accommodating edge-to-edge, mural style graphics. 

Here at Image we offer a number of bespoke solutions to convert shell schemes into more suitable graphic vehicles and are always keen to lend a hand and help first time exhibitors make a good impression. However we have two DIY products; the original “TWIST” and new in 2016 “LINK2” systems which are definite front-runners and particularly suited to lining shell schemes, quickly and professionally. Both systems are affordable and feature seamlessly linkable graphics, TWIST using a conventional base and tension banner while LINK2 features a unique roller banner concept.  Freestanding with integral LED lighting units can be used individually or linked together to create long panel runs or twist and turn to line a shell scheme with ease.  Furthermore, LINK2 banner stands contain a patented self-levelling and alignment system to overcome the frequent issue of linkable roller banners and uneven floors. Both systems incorporate interchangeable graphic capabilities, enabling you to use the hardware indefinitely and update just the graphics as you require.

Contact us for more information or a demonstration.


The Better Part of Valor…

We recently began work on a small stand design project with an innovative new company “Novo Farina” who manufacture and distribute a new pea based flour. This somewhat unique product is not only gluten free but also free from the other 14 major allergens. So a product with obvious benefits for Coeliac suffers and many additional benefits for all of us “health-conscious” individuals. Initially Novo Farina’s target market was very much B to B however there was a suggested potential for a move B to C and they had booked a small stand at the Norfolk Show for which they wanted some exhibition equipment and material to introduce the brand and product.

The design process progressed well and an overall look began to quickly develop. Subject matter, copy and imagery was taking shape with messages being affirmed and indeed re-examined, honed and agreed. However while examining and querying the proposed content the client began to realise that perhaps their B to C route to market wasn’t quite ready. So discretion being the better part of valor and as the timeframe permitted they decided to no longer exhibit at the show.

Subsequently we produced a design for a small stand, which the client loved and will use, but just not for this year’s Norfolk Show. Nevertheless a product we thought worthy of a mention, so look out for it being used in some of the household food brands we all know and love and check it out at www.novofarina.co.uk

Incidentally “Novo Farina” means “New Flour” 


Event Focused Campaign for HDI AIRMIC 2017

We were engaged by regular client HDI Global to provide design, print and marketing strategy in addition to managing their usual exhibition stand build at AIRMIC this year. In previous years this part of the project had been provided by their London based agency. However we were delighted that the team at HDI chose us and recognized the benefits of a having a cohesive, event focused campaign for this year’s show.

Cyber Crime is a hot topic in the insurance world right now so it’s not surprising that HDI had chosen this as the underlying theme for this year’s stand. They had already signed up to host a specialist cybercrime seminar allied to the main AIRMIC event which was to be delivered by their in house experts and underwriters. They wanted a stand interaction, competition and prize draw for the stand which while sympathetic to the cyber theme didn’t over emphasize cyber to the extent that it took over the entire look of the stand.

We responded with an interaction based around a digital safe with a theme of “codebreaking” with a potential prize of an Amazon Echo. We proposed to initially introduce this to potential visitors by an individually numbered invitation that could be posted in advance of the show and then handed out at the various reception events at AIRMIC. The numbered invitation tempted the visitor to come the HDI stand and punch in the code on the safe on the stand to win. Up to 50 correct numbers gained access to the safe which held another card which once completed with their details would be entered into a further prize draw to win the Echo.


If you’re going to be a bear, be a grizzly...

… and regular client Sungard Availability Services did just that at The Cloud Expo Exhibition and Conference at ExCeL this year with their “Tame the Bear” campaign.

Focused on how difficult, unpredictable and risky hybrid IT can be manage, using a Bear as a metaphor, Sungard had developed a marketing campaign to demonstrate how they could help clients “Tame the Bear”. We always get excited when we have a great campaign and impactful graphics to play with so we set about designing a stand which would bring this press and media campaign into the exhibition environment. Our resulting stand design embodied Sungard’s trademark dramatic logo angles in full 3D combining brand imagery with feature a bear fur textured graphic wall. To this we added halo LED lighting, 3D edge lit logos, floor graphics and a full height tension fabric lightbox with stunning results. The chosen on stand interaction was a crane grabber making obtaining an incentive giveaway a little more of a challenge. All in all great ingredients for a successful show.   


Successful Events... call the Plumber!

My stopcock seized last winter and I couldn’t turn the water supply on so I called a plumber. Sure I had a pair of mole grips and have done a bit of DIY plastic piping so could have had a go myself. If I had I may well have saved the call out fee and the hour’s labour he charged me but more likely I would have broken the valve off and flooded the kitchen! Needless to say with all the proper tools and spare parts to hand he did the job in no time without any risk of flooding.  

Considering that exhibitions and live events are the ultimate in face to face marketing it amazes me that I see so many companies at exhibitions with very good products or services but they display or present them in the most tedious and depressing manner. It’s also staggering that there are always stands that no matter how long I look at them I can’t for the life of me work out what the company actually does. More concerning the stand staff often make no attempt at all to come over and engage with me, so I walk away none the wiser. Odds are these are the same staff explaining to their boss later in the day that the show was a complete waste of time and they couldn’t see why they had to be there in the first place.

These companies seriously underestimate the awesome business value that exhibitions and face to face events present. If nothing else consider this; visitors willingly attend events and exhibitions in their 1000’s because they want to do business, buy a product or find a service or solution. Most exhibitions are industry specific so these visitors are your ideal customers, all you have to do is attract and engage them and hey presto you have a prospect. If you come away from an exhibition without getting any prospective business it doesn’t make it a bad event – it’s just poor planning and communication.

So if you get a leaky tap for goodness sake call a plumber and if you’re planning to exhibit or attend a live event talk to an exhibition and event specialist like us.


Project Management

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Project Management

We deliver comprehensive project management providing a wealth of industry experience with event support at the heart. We are equally adept organising a conference or corporate event for hundreds of delegates as we are producing a modest, yet equally impressive setting for an internal meeting. Similarly, our planning and management strategies for exhibition stands at major UK and European venues are executed efficiently with 100% accuracy - on time, every time.

 We’re well versed at accommodating the unusual, planning the difficult, managing the impossible and simply making it happen.

3D Design and Planning

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3D Design and Planning

Our 3D and graphic design team are always ready for the next challenge.

Expertise goes far beyond the more customary creative studio suite, extending to specialist industry standard 3D modelling and visualisation software, to complement our event and presentation roles.

Delivering excellence doesn’t just happen.  Our conceptual and creative processes result in designs that function effectively with maximum impact, whilst capitalizing on the environment and space available.

Event Graphics and Digital Content

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Event Graphics and Digital Content

We have three decades of experience providing impactful design for exhibitions and events. We create effective, fully functioning AV interactions and digital content for TV and big screen projection - a discipline often undervalued by conventional agencies. Our many years in the events industry has given us a unique insight into exactly what works, what doesn’t and more importantly how to avoid those last minute panics.

Graphic design and artwork

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Graphic design and artwork

Our graphic design services cover creative, advisory and production roles.

Our designers provide marketing content for digital and pre-press with particular prowess in the design of graphics, portable display, literature, collateral and incentives for events. We also specialise in corporate signage and re-branding and have worked closely with many blue chip companies in a creative and advisory role.

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IDG Design & Marketing is the creative division of Image Display & Graphics Ltd. An award winning exhibition, display and graphics company based in East Anglia but operating throughout the UK and Europe.

Formed in 1989 we specialise in the design, creation and management of a wide variety of exhibition stands, displays, event environments and experiences for exhibitions, conferences, corporate events, product launches, open days and much more. 


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