Awards Top Ten: So what makes an Award Winning stand? No.1

1992: Modern Homes Exhibition SECC Glasgow – Norwich Union Group 

Best Stand Award for Norwich Union Group

Modern Homes was the Scottish equivalent of the Ideal Home Exhibition which took place each year at Earls Court in London. By 1992 we were one of Norwich Union’s preferred suppliers of event services and provided pretty much all their exhibition requirements throughout the UK. Having already designed and built a customised modular exhibition stand for group-wide use we were briefed to deliver a stand project to promote a variety of products at the Scottish show to support brokers and generally promote Norwich Union as an insurer to the public. 

The general design of the stand was very corporate in its appearance as it attended consumer and industry events alike. Being a consumer event the stand needed more of an intimate connection to appeal to the public so we chose to feature travel insurance. We set about creating a beach scene on the front corner of the stand complete with seascape background, palm tree, beach with real sand, deck chairs, beach shoes and a jug of cocktail mix (actually GRP gel coat) for good measure.

To further effect we created a bespoke “rock” which housed a 3 sided, flip-over, rota-graphic display (the height of tech in its day!) as well as speakers connected to a remote sound system which continued to play a soundtrack of the surf lapping on the shore. Once complete the corner stand feature attracted much attention, using at least three of the 5 senses to deliver its message. The addition of several well briefed keen and motivated staff members made the show a complete success and earnt an award for Best Stand in the services category. 

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