The Better Part of Valor…

We recently began work on a small stand design project with an innovative new company “Novo Farina” who manufacture and distribute a new pea based flour. This somewhat unique product is not only gluten free but also free from the other 14 major allergens. So a product with obvious benefits for Coeliac suffers and many additional benefits for all of us “health-conscious” individuals. Initially Novo Farina’s target market was very much B to B however there was a suggested potential for a move B to C and they had booked a small stand at the Norfolk Show for which they wanted some exhibition equipment and material to introduce the brand and product.

The design process progressed well and an overall look began to quickly develop. Subject matter, copy and imagery was taking shape with messages being affirmed and indeed re-examined, honed and agreed. However while examining and querying the proposed content the client began to realise that perhaps their B to C route to market wasn’t quite ready. So discretion being the better part of valor and as the timeframe permitted they decided to no longer exhibit at the show.

Subsequently we produced a design for a small stand, which the client loved and will use, but just not for this year’s Norfolk Show. Nevertheless a product we thought worthy of a mention, so look out for it being used in some of the household food brands we all know and love and check it out at

Incidentally “Novo Farina” means “New Flour”